99 things I learned while blogging

I started my blogging career with blogger.com. Then I migrated to wordpress.org. Now I run 2 blogs on wordpress. In my 7 months of short blogging career I learned many thing .  I am sharing all points with you.

things I learned while blogging

  1. Set your goals.
  2. Blog about what you love.
  3. Newbie blogger start blog on blogger.com
  4. When you have enough  knowledge of blogging , migrate to wordpress .org.
  5. Use reliable hosting like Hostgator or Bluehost.
  6. Buy  custom domain (must).
  7. Ensure domain name is easy to read, easy to tell and easy to spell.
  8. Buy custom domain from Godaddy or Namecheap .
  9. Keep blog title and domain name same.
  10. Secure your blog.
  11. Backup your blog.
  12. Delete ” Hello world ” post and remove sidebar meta login .
  13. Don’t copy posts from other blogs.
  14. Write posts regularly. ( minimum 1-2/week).
  15. Do keyword research before writing post.
  16. Write catchy post titles.
  17. Be transparent.
  18. Keep learning.
  19. Proofread your blog posts before publishing it.
  20. Get post checked for grammar mistakes from  friend.
  21. Remove broken links.
  22. Give your readers sharing option , so that they can share blog post easily with friends or their followers.
  23. Use videos and images.
  24. While using images, check copy right. Use non copy right material.
  25. Include bullets and lists in post.
  26. Use heading tags like h1 ,h2,h3,etc.
  27. Ask readers to comment and share post.
  28. Write meta description for each post.
  29. Add alt tags to images.
  30. Write guest post on other blogs.
  31. Allow guest post on your blog.
  32. Write content for targeted people.
  33. Don’t concentrate on length of post, concentrate on quality.
  34. Work on Page load time .
  35. Use “read more” or “continue reading” option (insert more tag)  to decrease home page size.
  36. Comment on other same niche blogs .
  37. Read other same niche blogs for content ideas.
  38. Create friendship with other blog authors.
  39. Take interview of successful bloggers from same niche and publish it on your blog.
  40. Write genuine comments . Don’t write comments without reading post.
  41. Don’t spam.
  42. Use comment plugins like commentluv ,Disqus ,  intensedebate (for blogger.com) on your blog.
  43. Reply to each comment.
  44. Update theme and plugins regularly.
  45. Add contact and about page.
  46. Showcase your best content.
  47. Remove blog roll .
  48. Give blog search option.
  49. Use dark font and light background.
  50. Don’t use too many colors. Use only 2-3 colors throughout your blog.
  51. Add short blog description in header.
  52. Create logo for blog.
  53. Add favicon.
  54. Use premium theme (if possible).
  55. Don’t change your theme frequently.
  56. Improve site navigation.
  57. Be active on blogging forums.
  58. Help other bloggers.
  59. Learn SEO.
  60. Don’t use black hat SEO.
  61. Submit blog to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex etc.
  62. Don’t submit your blog to all blog directories. Submit blog only to trusted directories like Dmoz, Yahoo directory , Technorati.
  63. Sign up for google authorship.
  64. Making money through blogging is not so easy. Hard work is required.
  65. Don’t give up. Keep blogging.
  66. Money is not everything.
  67. Use tags and categories.
  68. Promote old blog posts.
  69. Give 50{b15f91eef52e7c6d40fd3fe45227e26332e4c02be027e4e72c6ecf7adacefb97} -50{b15f91eef52e7c6d40fd3fe45227e26332e4c02be027e4e72c6ecf7adacefb97} weight  for promotion and post writing.
  70. Create blogging timetable and follow it.
  71. Use Google analytics to check statistics.
  72. Check stats once in a week.
  73. Don’t waste too much time in checking stats daily .
  74. Don’t put ads till you get enough followers.
  75. Use adsense to monetize your blog.
  76. Don’t tell friends , relatives or anyone to click on ads.
  77. Put only 2-3 ads.
  78. Create account for affiliate program in your niche.
  79. Use paypal.
  80. Use feedburner.
  81. Be positive.
  82. Learn from mistakes.
  83. Promote your blog offline .
  84. Improve alexa rank.
  85. Build email list.
  86. Give option “Get updates via mail”.
  87. Respect readers.
  88. Participate in Question -Answer sites.
  89. Create page or profile on social networking sites like Faccebook , Google + , twitter , pinterest , StumbleUpon etc.
  90. Place social  buttons on blog.
  91. Share only selected post on social sites.
  92. Don’t get addicted to social sites.
  93. Use real  headshot photo for all accounts.
  94. Create gravatar.
  95. Check email only once in a day or set fixed time.
  96. use single email for blogging related work.
  97. Add domain name in signature of  outgoing emails.
  98. Help people , it will help you to grow.
  99. Blogging is fun.

That’s it . what you learned from blogging ?  Leave comment!  Share with your friends (point 27 ) .


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