99 things I learned while blogging

I started my blogging career with blogger.com. Then I migrated to wordpress.org. Now I run 2 blogs on wordpress. In my 7 months of short blogging career I learned many thing .  I am sharing all points with you.

things I learned while blogging

  1. Set your goals.
  2. Blog about what you love.
  3. Newbie blogger start blog on blogger.com
  4. When you have enough  knowledge of blogging , migrate to wordpress .org.
  5. Use reliable hosting like Hostgator or Bluehost.
  6. Buy  custom domain (must).
  7. Ensure domain name is easy to read, easy to tell and easy to spell.
  8. Buy custom domain from Godaddy or Namecheap .
  9. Keep blog title and domain name same.
  10. Secure your blog.
  11. Backup your blog.
  12. Delete ” Hello world ” post and remove sidebar meta login .
  13. Don’t copy posts from other blogs.
  14. Write posts regularly. ( minimum 1-2/week).
  15. Do keyword research before writing post.
  16. Write catchy post titles.
  17. Be transparent.
  18. Keep learning.
  19. Proofread your blog posts before publishing it.
  20. Get post checked for grammar mistakes from  friend. [Read more…]

10 resons why I blog

Before I started my first blog, I have misconception that to start a blog we need lots of money and blogging  is difficult . Then my ex room mate Akash Nandnaware( who blog marathi poetry ) told me that ” you can start a free blog of your photos . Your blog will become famous, You can also earn money .” So very next day I opened my first blog all4photos.blogspot.com (now vphotoshop.com )on blogger.com. I started my blogging career on 24 July 2012 and now I am author of three blogs. Thank you Akash for suggestion .

Here are some reasons why I started blogging and I am still blogging!

1.  Utilize time and fun

I love bloggingI am an engineering student, I get lots of time after college hours. I wanted to utilize this time so I started blogging. I am still blogging and I love blogging because it’s fun . I enjoy blogging.

2.  Money

Money is main reason to start blogging for me. And it’s every blogger’s dream to earn money from blog. But after some days I realized that we should not blog only for money .It’s not so easy to earn money through blogging. We have to do lot’s of hardwork

3.  Share my knowledge

I love photoshop. I have good knowledge of photoshop . I am not expert but I can teach few techniques of photoshop that I know very well . I share my photoshop knowledge on vphotoshop.com and ImageDashboard.com. It’s not necessary that you should be expert to blog about. So start your blog today about things that you love and have some knowledge.

4.  Help people

I love to help people. Blogging is great platform to help people and share your knowledge. A great thought by Zig Ziglar “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

5.  Stay updated

To write fresh content ,I should know what is happening in my industry so blogging  forces me to stay updated about what  I write.

6.  Create online identity

I want to create my identity on internet because now days its not enough to have only offline identity and now internet is best way to reach large audience, to express your thought and share your knowledge.

7.  Improve english

I learned school from Marathi language (local language of my state). so I am really bad in english .Blogging improved my english. Now at least I can write post of 400 words.

8.  Contribute to internet

We can get any kind of information on internet . Internet is biggest source of knowledge . We can make it even bigger. Blogging is great way to give your contribution to internet.

9.   Become famous

It’s my dream and I am working hard for that.

10. More friends

You get in touch with more and more people from different countries.

There are many still many reasons why I blog .I can’t write all of those . Leave comment below why you blog ,share your thoughts!

Welcome to GauravVichare.com

Hi , Welcome to GauravVichare.com. I am feeling very lucky to have my website’s  name as my name. Because now days it’s very difficult to get own name as domain name. I grabbed this name in 2 days when I come to know that my name is available. It’s always good idea to buy YourName.com if you wanted to brand your name  or for other reasons.

It’s me

gaurav vichare

About Me

Hi , I am Gaurav Vichare . Passionate blogger from Rajapur . I love blogging and internet . Also I am a photoshop lover. Read more about me .


It’s my third blog. I already have two blogs vphophotoshop.com and ImageDashboard.com. One on blogger and other on wordpress. Both blog has same topic, photoshop.But i only blog on imagedashboard.com due to some reason. This is my first blog with different topic. In this blog i will write what I love, my personal experience, personal thoughts. I will also write about blogging tips. I will write 2 posts per week.

Why GauravVichare.com?

I started GauravVichare.com because I want to develop my name as brand. I want to create my identity on internet because now days its not enough to have only offline identity and now internet is best way to reach large audince, to express your thought and share your knowledge. I will try to reach as many people as I can and I will share my knowledge. Thats it for today , in next article i will write how i set my wordpress blog imagedashboard. So stay tuned . If you have any suggestion for my blog, please comment below. Thanks.