Snake game in C language using queue

Requirments: Turbo C++ compiler

If you face any graphics error ,follow these steps.

  1. Go to “BGI” folder. ( C:\TurboC++\Disk\TurboC3\BGI).
  2. Copy file “EGAVGA.BGI” 
  3. Got “BIN” folder. ( C:\TurboC++\Disk\TurboC3\BIN).
  4. Paste “EGAVGA.BGI” file .
  5. Close Turbo C++ and open it again and run program.

Download .C file-> SNAKE ( Right click & Save link As)

Download .C file-> SNAKE  ( Right click & Save link As)

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  • Kunal Vichare

    Hi Gaurav

    I copied your program in turboc . It is working very nice.

    You have to be have bit more concentration on Programming style. Meaningful variable names and language indentation. Otherwise it is excellent.
    From all your program I concluded that you had good test of Programming.
    thanks you.

  • Tapish Rana

    can you please send me the line by line explanation of this program??